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Xavier Perez



Born in USA,

Studied at West Los Angeles College, CA

Director Of Media

Special Event

[DVD] Productions

[D]igital Photography,


[D]J Services

Weddings, Graphic designs, TV Scores and Event (DVD) compilations, Radio Broadcast, DJs, Music Productions, Model Photo Shoots, Head Shots, Games (World and Scene CGI) Designs, Business Parties, “Photography and Video” Portfolios etc...

Pro Audio Sound-Engineer/Video-Engineer

Recording: Studio engineers operate recording equipment, including microphones, preamps, and recording software, to capture audio performances. They set up microphones, position them correctly, and adjust levels to achieve the desired sound.

Mixing: After recording, studio engineers mix multiple audio tracks together to create a cohesive sound. This involves adjusting levels, panning, equalization, and adding effects such as reverb or compression to enhance the overall quality and balance of the mix.

Editing: Studio engineers edit audio recordings to remove unwanted noise, correct mistakes, and ensure smooth transitions between sections. This may involve using software tools to cut, splice, and rearrange audio clips.

Mastering: Once the mixing process is complete, studio engineers master the final audio mix to prepare it for distribution. This involves fine-tuning the overall sound to optimize it for various playback systems and formats, such as CD, vinyl, or digital streaming.

Technical Troubleshooting: Studio engineers are often tasked with troubleshooting technical issues with recording equipment or software to ensure smooth workflow and prevent delays during sessions.

Communication: Effective communication is key for studio engineers, as they need to understand the creative vision of artists and producers and translate that into technical adjustments to achieve the desired sound.

Collaboration: Studio engineers work closely with artists, producers, and other audio professionals to bring their creative visions to life. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for achieving the best possible results.

Camera Operation: Video engineers are often responsible for operating cameras during video shoots. This involves setting up cameras, adjusting settings such as exposure and focus, framing shots, and capturing footage according to the director's instructions.

Video Recording and Playback: Video engineers manage the recording and playback of video content during live events, broadcasts, or studio productions. They ensure that video signals are properly routed, recorded, and played back on monitors or screens as needed.

Video Editing: Video engineers may be involved in the post-production process, where they edit and manipulate video footage using editing software. This includes tasks such as cutting and trimming footage, adding transitions and visual effects, and syncing audio with video.

Video Transmission and Distribution: Video engineers handle the transmission and distribution of video content through various channels, including broadcast television, streaming platforms, and online video hosting services. They ensure that video signals are encoded, compressed, and delivered efficiently to reach the intended audience.

Video Encoding and Compression: Video engineers are knowledgeable about video encoding and compression techniques to optimize video quality while minimizing file size. They may use codecs and compression algorithms to encode video content for different delivery formats and platforms.

Video Playback Systems: Video engineers install, configure, and maintain video playback systems, including video servers, media players, and projection systems. They ensure that these systems operate reliably and deliver high-quality video playback during live events or presentations.

Technical Troubleshooting: Video engineers troubleshoot technical issues related to video equipment, software, and systems. They diagnose problems, perform repairs or adjustments, and implement solutions to minimize downtime and ensure smooth operation.

Collaboration: Video engineers collaborate with directors, producers, camera operators, and other members of the production team to achieve the desired creative vision. They communicate effectively to understand project requirements and implement technical solutions accordingly.









Wedding, Corporate event, Birthday party, Prom / Quinceañera formal, Shower (baby, bridal, etc.), School event, Sporting event, Graduation, Reunion, Religious event, Other party (anniversary, engagement, etc.)

David Russell


Born in USA,

Studied at Townson University, MD

Media Manager

Special Event

[DVD] Productions



[D]igital Photography,


Music Concerts, Wedding Video, TV Scores and Event (DVD) compilations, Model Photo Shoots, Head Shots, Business Parties “Photography and Video” Portfolios etc...

Sig XavierPerez WaterMark.png



Studied at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Account Manager

Special Event

[DVD] Productions


[D]igital Photography,


[D]J Services


Music Concerts, Wedding Video, TV Scores and Event (DVD) compilations, Model Photo Shoots, Head Shots, Business Parties, “Photography and Video” Portfolios etc...

Sig MehrunniaSPerez WaterMark.png

Aaron P. Williams

DJ Services


Night Light DJ's is a professional, experienced DJ company who has all the key elements for producing successful events and staffed with DJ’s who are committed in creating wonderful memories you will treasure for a lifetime.



Clients: Radio One, Warner Brothers Studios, Hollywood Studios, SAG-AFTRA, BET, AARP, Fashion Modeling, Comic-Con, All Star Comic ConJohn D'earth, The Paladium, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nismo, Porsche, Harley-Davidson USA, Washington Nationals,

Towne Park, The Foundation, Washington DC Jazz Festival, SagAftra, Oscar Awards, Grammy Awards, Stella Awards, Private Artists-Actors Events, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian, Wynwood Art District, Celebrity Chefs

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